December-January-February - Job Search Tips

Have you heard these yet ?

(1)  Hiring managers are tied up with budgets, dealines, family obligations and so are very hard to reach

(2)   From Thanksgiving until the middle of February nothing is happening, there are no jobs

(3)   Budgets for new hires have ended and new budgets are not out yet, no one hires in December, January and February


Facts !!

Winter month hiring can involve contract and or temporary jobs, which can be a great opportunity, they don't usually require multiple interviews or the decision of several hiring managers, however they do offer an individual the opportunity to enter a company allowing greater access to upcoming changes in the company including hiring projections...listen...learn.....don't miss any opportunities to network.

Between Thanksgiving and mid February many companies are preparing for the upcoming year and their hiring decisions.

For several industries, such as manufacturing and retail, the winter months are a busy time of the year for temporary and contract employees which including sales, office admin, payroll etc.



Family holiday functions offer an opportunity to network, you never know who your brother, cousin or sister in law  may know !  Research and attend holiday networking events, people are in the holiday spirit, decision makers are out and accessible.  Send out holiday cards with your business card attached, this is a seasonal opportunity to reach out to hiring managers, you never know who may read it and what impact it will have.


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